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Account management

  • Manage Memberships + Passes
  • Set up group and corporate accounts
  • Store Cards on file for in-facility or online purchases
  • Track documents and waivers for customers
  • Manage and track certifications
  • See billing, previous purchases, and check-in history

staff management

  • Create staff profiles and manage their employment information
  • Track transactions in system through staff I.D.
  • Customizable staff access; ability to restrict access when necessary
  • Upload & store employee documents: I-9, W-2, resumes, etc.
  • Upload & manage certifications: First Aid, CPR, CWI, etc.
  • Integrated calendar to schedule staff against events and classes
  • Integration with When I Work for staff scheduling


  • Customize memberships and passes by locations
  • Have multiple profit centers at the same facility
  • Manage multiple locations under one login
  • Customize memberships & passes for access to 1 or more locations
  • Each location can be on separate merchant accounts
  • Track customers seamlessly across multiple locations without duplicate accounts
  • Switch Seamlessly from one location to another
  • View reports filtered by location

p.o.s. module

  • Credit card or Debit EFT
  • Build and track inventory
  • Customize products
  • Customize discount rates by product or at POS
  • Customize and sell gift cards and coupons
  • Build and save multiple carts

Calendar / booking

  • Calendar seamlessly communicates with website
  • Book classes, parties, groups, private rooms
  • See real time availability of class slots, private rooms etc.
  • When I work integrated to update staff schedule


  • Check-in using QR code, email, phone number
  • Check using tablets or mobile device
  • Create Digital Waivers

Cloud based

  • Server-less
  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • No need for a database administrator
  • Access your database from anywhere with Wi-fi
  • Safe data Storage through Amazon and Google
  • Database Rollback up to 35 days

business intelligence

  • Real time reporting
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Access to segment customer, product and check-in data
  • Know your business and understand your customers better
  • Optimize customer acquisition through data
  • You own your data