who we are

Luke Lim


Luke Lim is a consultant and technical architect.  Before Approach, he was leading large-scale development projects with clients such as Siemens Energy, John Hancock Investments, CU Boulder and the San Francisco's Mayors office.  He has a passion for modeling business process and enabling other businesses to be successful. He met Andrew while climbing, and heard the frustrations of a climbing gym owner and the climbing industry and knew that he could help solve his problem.  His goal with Approach was to provide quality, tailored technology, previously only available to very large companies.

Andrew Potter


Andrew Potter is a climbing gym owner with multiple facilities and a desire to serve others. He is also a Co-Founder of a non-profit called Exploring Roots that serves children in need by getting them outdoors and educating them on the importance of taking care of our wild places. As a service driven person, Andrew wanted to find a way to give back to the industry that he loves by helping to create something that he believed it needed; software. Andrew had vision for what great software could do to help gym owners, but lacked the knowledge of how to develop software itself. Then, through climbing, Andrew met Luke Lim, and a great partnership formed to make Approach Climbing a reality.

Sardius Media


Sardius Media is a development and consulting firm that comes alongside organizations to implement customized online video solutions. Based in Kansas City, MO, Sardius Media’s expertise mainly resides in three catagories: Live Automation, Consulting/Professional Services and Live Events Streaming. Sardius Media is committed to offering customized services through its cutting-edge technology in order to serve its clients’ needs efficiently.


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